Yissum: How the Israeli Front-Runner Commercializes Innovation

From the cherry tomatoes on your grocery list to the automated on-board driver assistant system ‘MobileEye’ in your car, and the FDA Approved treatment medications; for ovarian cancer ‘Doxil’, chemotherapy ‘Erbitux’, and Alzheimer’s disease ‘Exelon’, Yissum’s world renowned inventions have been making an impact on human lives across the world much longer than we realize. Since 1964 Yissum, the research development company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HIJU) not only has helped its researchers to start more than 110 spin-off companies, of which some are currently valued over $10b on the stock exchange, but also facilitated the registration of 9,300 patents that cover more than 2,600 inventions, and licensed 880 innovations. Not surprisingly, this exceptional track record has attracted the attention of a number of industry giants, including Intel, Google, Philips, Coca Cola, Roche, GM, and P&G, for the establishment of long term research collaborations.

Want to learn more about the story behind Yissum’s breakthrough technologies? Read the detailed case study at: http://ub-cooperation.eu/index/casestudies

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Arno Meerman is the CEO at University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) as well as being a Council Member of the Accreditation Council for Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities (ACEEU) and Business Development Manager for the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, one of Europe’s leading scientific institutes in the area of university-business cooperation. He is currently the Project Manager for the State of European University-Business Cooperation initiative being executed for the European Commission and has been the Conference Organiser for the UIIN conference series, which averages over 350 people per conference and is the largest in the topic of university-industry cooperation.

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