23 03, 2017

Yissum: How the Israeli Front-Runner Commercializes Innovation

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From the cherry tomatoes on your grocery list to the automated on-board driver assistant system ‘MobileEye’ in your car, and the FDA Approved treatment medications; for ovarian cancer ‘Doxil’, chemotherapy ‘Erbitux’, and Alzheimer’s disease ‘Exelon’, Yissum’s world renowned inventions have been making an impact on human lives across the world much longer than we realize. [...]

20 03, 2017

Motivations For Academics To Cooperate With Industry

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Motivations predict behaviour[1] and the motivations for university-business cooperation have been a much-discussed topic in practical and policy forums the world over as well as in scientific literature. The questions so often asked include ‘how can we encourage academic and business people to cooperate more’ and ‘what motivates the different stakeholders to cooperate? With often [...]

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