About Victoria Galan Muros

Dr. Victoria Galán-Muros is an active professional with a broad international expertise in university-business cooperation, higher education management and innovation from different perspectives. As a senior consultant, currently associated at Technopolis Group UK, has worked with universities and governments in 14 countries along with the European Commission. She is the scientific and policy manager of the two largest studies of university-business cooperation in Europe, for the European Commission (DG Education and Culture). Victoria has delivered professional workshops in 15 countries, co-authored 18 public reports and participated in 12 government funded projects.
20 03, 2017

Motivations For Academics To Cooperate With Industry

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Motivations predict behaviour[1] and the motivations for university-business cooperation have been a much-discussed topic in practical and policy forums the world over as well as in scientific literature. The questions so often asked include ‘how can we encourage academic and business people to cooperate more’ and ‘what motivates the different stakeholders to cooperate? With often [...]

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